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Our Best Wishes For Sharyn

It is with great sadness that Sharyn our Hygienist/Therapist who has been with us for over 10 years has let us know that she will be retiring the first week of October. Of course, we wish her all the best, but she will be missed by all the staff as well as her patients. If you have been seeing Sharyn and you are due for your clean, or your children need an exam, clean or treatment, please contact our clinic to arrange an appointment as they are limited and will fill up quickly. Call (07) 5571 0866 now!

Sharyn Taghaode, Dental Hygienist/Therapist

Sharyn Taghaode, Oral Health TherapistIn 1979, Sharyn graduated as a dental therapist and worked in both Tasmania and Queensland in the School Dental Service, treating children up to the age of 18 years. She upgraded her skills through the University of Queensland/QUT to become a dental hygienist in 2001, and now practises as both a dental therapist and dental hygienist.

Providing Compassionate Care to Patients

As a dental therapist, Sharyn is qualified to provide various treatment to children including examinations, fillings, deciduous extractions and X-rays. She has many years of experience and provides quality care to children in a caring, safe, professional environment but always remembers to make the experience a happy, stress-free one for every child.

Sharyn is also passionate about motivating patients (whether adults or children) to improve their oral hygiene. In her role as a dental hygienist, she provides excellent individualised care in a friendly, gentle manner. Sharyn enjoys working in our dental practice’s multicultural environment, respecting each patient’s background, and providing new techniques and knowledge to patients from any culture.

In the past, Sharyn has volunteered in dental teams that worked in Thailand and Cambodia, providing dental care to children and adults in poor and remote communities who would not otherwise had dental treatment. She is keen to volunteer again in the future.

In Her Spare Time

When she’s not at Dental On Falconer, Sharyn has a keen interest in travel and enjoys visiting her grandchildren currently living in the United States. She is also an active Rotary member, providing volunteering services to the local and broader community.


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