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Dental Implants at Dental On Falconer

Illustration of dental implantAre you missing a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of your teeth? You’ve probably considered replacing them but may be unsure where to begin.

At Dental On Falconer, we’re here to guide you in reaching your oral health goals. If you want to replace your teeth, dental implants are the most advanced solution available. Our dentists are well-versed in managing the implant process.

A Biocompatible Solution

A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. The body then accepts it as the root of a tooth. On top of the titanium post, a dental crown, bridge or denture can be attached. An implant is appropriate for people who would like to replace one tooth, several teeth or all teeth. When completed, it is the closest option to having the function and appearance of a natural tooth.

The many benefits of dental implants include:

  • A high success rate
  • Enhanced bone development
  • Noninvasive to other teeth
  • Results that last a lifetime
  • Used in a variety of situations

What to Expect

First, we’ll need to establish whether you’re a candidate for dental implants. All possible options will be discussed with you, which may include dentures or bridges. Once you have decided to move forward with a dental implant, there are going to be two separate phases to your treatment. During the first, you will be referred to have a titanium implant surgically implanted into the jawbone. A healing period must pass of about three months while the implant integrates to the bone. Meanwhile, we can give you a temporary crown to wear.

During the second phase of treatment, you’ll return to our practice. We’ll make sure that the area has healed and then fit you with a permanent crown, a bridge or a denture, depending on what is most appropriate for your situation.

Want to Learn More?

Restore your smile. Contact us today to learn more about dental implants Southport! We provide early opening hours for your convenience.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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