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New Patients at Dental On Falconer

Our practice welcomes new patients of all ages. From baby teeth to dentures, we offer care that is right for you. Dental On Falconer values your oral health, and we strive to make each patient’s dental experience as smooth and memorable as possible.

New patients can save time by downloading, printing, and filling out the new patient forms to bring with them on their first visit.


New-Patient Process

Your first visit with us is straightforward in nature. Upon introduction, we ask that you fill out a medical history form if one has not previously been filed. This document allows us to review your health and develop a clear picture of what brought you in to us. Once completed, you will wait a short time for one of our three Southport dentists or our hygienist, to call your name and invite you into a treatment room.

When you are seen, we will briefly discuss your health history as well as current concerns. Routine maintenance appointments will be about 30 minutes in length and consist of x-rays and manual teeth cleaning. During this time, your gums will also be checked and restored. Surgical appointments vary in duration, as each service requires specific attention.

Emergency Visits

Sudden, daunting pain is all too common. If you or a loved one are in need of immediate dental care, our practice is glad to help. As long our schedule is accommodating, same-day appointments can be made.

At the very least, we are able to get you in to assess your discomfort and prescribe necessary medication in preparation for your upcoming appointment.

Your Smile Matters

Dental On Falconer is committed to helping you wear your smile proudly. Not only is your oral health as essential to your well-being as your medical health, but you deserve to live confidently and pain free. Take advantage of our services today!


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