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Emergency Dentistry in Southport

Man with jaw painThe team of qualified dentists at Dental On Falconer provides all ages dental care with a wide variety of services available. If you think that you have a dental emergency, contact our clinic straightaway to get the attention you need. We have extensive experience in treating all types of trauma for children and adults alike.

At Dental On Falconer, we can provide the emergency dental care that you need and follow up with you to make sure that your problem has been addressed and corrected.


What to Do During a Dental Emergency

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you might be wondering what you can do until you have an appointment. There are some easy tips that you can follow depending on what type of emergency you have.

  • Toothache: A throbbing pain in a tooth can keep you awake at night and often doesn’t respond to over-the-counter pain medications. You require immediate treatment. Until your appointment time, use a cold compress on the outside of the cheek to help with swelling and pain. You can rinse your mouth out with salt water. Be sure that someone drives you to our practice.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: A tooth can be lost from a sporting injury or other form of trauma. You may not have to lose the tooth if you can get attention within about a half-hour. Pick your tooth up by the crown, avoiding the roots. You can keep it in a cup of milk, wrap it in plastic wrap or suck it clean and place the tooth back into the socket.
  • Broken tooth, Chipped Tooth, Lost Filling: If you don’t have much discomfort, you can book an appointment with a dentist within a week. If you’re in pain, though, you likely need to get in straightaway. Place a cold compress on your cheek by the injured tooth to bring down the swelling. If you have broken bits of a tooth, save them as they may be able to get bonded back to the tooth.
  • Objects Stuck Between Teeth: With care, try to remove the object using dental floss. If you’re unable to do so, contact our clinic for an appointment.
  • Issues With Braces or Retainers: Your orthodontist is required to address any problems caused by a brace or retainer that you got from them. Meanwhile, use soft wax, a cotton tip or ball or gauze to cover an exposed wire. If you have an item embedded in your cheek, tongue or gums, see an emergency dentist immediately. A broken appliance can likely be secured or bonded into place until you see your orthodontist. If you have a bracket that’s loose or broke, you may be able to wait a few days with slight changes to your chewing habits and diet.
  • Bitten Lip or Tongue: Apply a clean cloth and put pressure on the area that’s bleeding. Use a cold compress to fight any swelling. If the bite is severe or the bleeding doesn’t stop quickly, see an emergency dentist or go to hospital.

Don’t Suffer

Call us to book your appointment with our team today. We look forward to giving you the best emergency dental care.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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